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What is Web Hosting ?

Well ! If your new to “Web Hosting” word, you landed perfect place. Before going to know about What is Web Hosting ? we should know little story about few things here.

In general we know that multiple networks of networks allow transfer the data or exchange the data between devices called INTERNET.

what is web hosting ?
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Accessing the data through the Internet called Web. Which means browsing data, sharing the information between devices using internet, playing videos from internet, listening audios and reading content from websites etc, known as web.

Now coming Hosting, In general we all know providing space for a event called Hosting. But in web hosting, providing a space for web (Internet Data) called Hosting.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting know as website hosting, internet hosting, web space, server, online storage, cloud storage etc. Here all above words have same meaning.

The data (any like images, files, text content, videos, programming files) storing in servers called Web Hosting. Here servers nothing but computers but connected to 24×7 high speed internet and sharing the data through out the internet. I will publish a detailed article about server in coming days.

There are many types of Web Hosting. I will list here few.

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. Cloud Web Hosting
  3. Virtual Private Server Hosting
  4. Dedicated Server Hosting or BareMetal Server Hosting
  5. Co-location Hosting
  6. Free Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

For example we have a single server configurations of 4 GB Ram, 4 CPU, 50 GB SSD Disk and 1 TB Bandwidth. Don’t worry about all these technical words, step by step we can learn in detail about these words in coming posts. Well, finally we have above configuration server.

Now I have website called stackhoster.com website and requirement of 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU, 2GB SSD and 100 GB Bandwidth and another person have different website spidyhost.com and requirement of 2 GB RAM, 1 CPU and 5 GB SSD and 500 GB Bandwidth again different person have with different requirement.

These all websites stored in same server and shared the main resources to the all websites who hosted in same server called Shared Web hosting. We can understand multiple website owners shared single server, like sharing one pizza by 5 members or more. This is best for new website creators and very budget friendly.

Shared Web Hosting it’s like friends sharing pizza

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting term is very popular and many web hosting users love it. I try to explain this in simple words. We have multiple servers having inter connection between them. What i mean one server connected to another, another server connected to another like 100’s or even 1000’s of server interconnected to each other.

Multiple Servers Giving Resources to Multiple Devices – Cloud Hosting

Even a customer required small configuration server or big configuration server resources will handle by multiple servers. I can give a example for better understanding this.

For example we have Amazon website which is shopping website. In general days daily customers will be 100 (This is example for understanding). Now we reached to Jan 1st or some festivals or offers season but that time daily customers will increase like 1000. Which means it’s increased 100 to 1000 customer. So we must also 10x server resources. If you have physical server like traditional hosting, you should provide additional hard disk, RAM and CPU to your current server. But in cloud hosting what ever resources required all handled by Cloud Hosting because it’s connected with millions of server internally and auto scale the resources. The top cloud hosting providers are aws, gcp, azure, ibm cloud, digital ocean, linode, vultr, oracle cloud and many more providing cloud services.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Servers are good fit for medium business websites or applications. Some applications or websites required special things like some websites required node js, python, frameworks or custom applications etc.

All these custom applications not available in shared hosting so serious business websites or applications required VPS. VPS commonly known as Virtual Private Server. It’s comes with choosable operating system, Dedicated IP address, Dedicated Resources like RAM, CPU, Hard Disk or other things. No other websites share these resources. All these VPS resources consume by single website. So it’s your private server and no one have authority to share resources like one person and one pizza.

Virtual Private Server

Dedicated / BareMetal Servers

Coming to Dedicated Server it’s like huge resources having 256GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and 96 core CPU. It’s just for example resources of dedicated server but it’s have more resources than what we mention here. Basically Dedicated or BareMetal’s will use large enterprise companies and large traffic websites.

It’s also support max 256 IP address and able to increase or decrees resources. We can compare like 100 Pizza’s for you only which mean you only able to eat 100 Pizza’s.

It’s single tenant servers for custom websites and applications. These Dedicated Server provide maximum performance and secure environment with root level access. It’s best only for large scale websites.

Dedicated Server / BareMetal Server Hosting

Co-location Server Hosting

Here Co-location Servers completely different story. It’s simple like rent a physical place or house for your servers. Co-location used by large web hosting companies and enterprise level SaaS applications. You have to buy physical servers and send to Datacenter locations.

These Datacenters having high network connectivity and 24×7 staff monitoring for servers uptime. Also they have very cooling system to control temperate. Based on all these factor Co-location charge it for rack basis.

Co-location Server Hosting

Hopefully you understand what is exactly web hosting and how people called it with different names and types of hosting. Feel free to comment to this post if you have any questions i will try to reply as soon as possible. Happy reading.

I have 7+ Years experience in web hosting industry and full stack web development. I love to share my knowledge through blogs.

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