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What is a Server ?

Hey 🙂 In this article I try to explain about server, server types and how they work in reality. Now the question is What is a Server ? In simple words server nothing but a computer. Yeah that’s true it’s like our computer or pc or system.

Now we gonna dig into what is a server computer ?

For example you have mobile phone and having your personal images, videos, games etc. In that mobile you can able to see image when it’s stored in your mobile storage. If you delete that image, you can’t able to see them. Which means without storing image we can’t able to see them. In technical words images, videos, games, text all things can called DATA.

Now coming to point, what ever we see in the internet like videos, games, images, text and etc all are called DATA. These all are DATA must and should stored some where. Without store data we can’t able to access or view them.

So these data stored in servers. These servers located at datacenters. These server similar like our computers but having 24×7 power supply and high speed internet and having a one or more IP address. By using internet as medium these servers transfer data to client.

Example Server – what is a server

For better understanding i will give simple example, we all know about youtube.com. In our daily life we use YouTube to play our favorite videos or movies or music. These all audio or video stuff stored in YouTube (Google) servers. Servers contain RAM, CPU, Disk and motherboard like our pc’s. When a users visit a youtube.com and play a video, these server will transfer requested videos through internet.

Now we can understand technical words about servers.

When a client request, those requests accept by servers and again respond to client. These server highly powered computers, to store, process and managed network data through internet.

Every server having a one or more IP addresses, similar like our mobile phone device having a mobile number, every server have IP address.

What is IP address ?

IP address known as Internet Protocol. Every IP address having unique string and that identify servers on the internet. IP addresses are two types.

  1. IPV4 — >
  2. IPV6 — > 2001:0000:3238:DFE1:0063:0000:0000:FEFB

Here is the link for more details about IPV4 vs IPV6

We can categorize servers into different types based on requirements.

  1. Web Server
  2. Application Server
  3. Email Server
  4. FTP Server
  5. Database Server
  6. Proxy Server
  7. Streaming Servers
  8. Gaming Servers

And many more…

In short way we can understand with examples.

Web Server : Most of the servers act as web servers because, these web servers easily understand the URL’s (Uniform Resource Locator) by using HTTP and HTTPS requests. Like facebook.com, google.com, Wikipedia etc

Application Server : Application server works for specific things like SaaS applications. For example we want convert our png images to jpeg image format using internet. The image converter is a application and installed on server. These application works specific things like covert only (In our example case)

Email Server : Similar application server, Email server works for only specific things like sending emails, receiving emails. Perfect example gamil.com or outlook.com etc

FTP Server : File Transfer Protocol Server used for only store large files like 5 TB or even 100 TB files in servers. Their work only storage large data in server. Example like drobox or mediafire are the FTP servers.

Database Server : Database Servers are very important because it’s store only highly confidential data. Like our usernames, passwords, personal information, address. Again Database have many types like MySQL, MSSQL, Mango DB, MariaDB etc.

What is a Server ?
Images Downloaded from freepik.com – what is a server ?

Proxy Server : These Proxy Servers act like Virtual Private Networks. When a website or ip’s blocked by our ISP (Internet Service Provider) we can access those blocked websites using Proxy Servers. Example like OpenVPN or Express VPN Servers.

Streaming Servers : Corona makes our lives more digitalization. In this digitalization world everybody using internet. Schools, Colleges and meeting held on virtual ways. For Stream videos or live meeting we use Streaming Servers. Google meet or anydesk or TeamViewers even YouTube live streaming servers fall into streaming category.

Gaming Servers : Everybody loves to play games. In my childhood i was played a lot vice city game but it was installed in my pc only. But by using Gaming Servers, games installed in servers and played from client like we take example PUBG installed in server level and by using PUBG application we can play games live with other gamers.

So what we understand here by using software’s and protocols we can make server to different types like above we discussed.

Hopefully you understand What is a Server ? and how client request a server, how server respond and types of servers. Feel free to comment to this post if you have any questions i will try to reply as soon as possible. Happy reading.

I have 7+ Years experience in web hosting industry and full stack web development. I love to share my knowledge through blogs.

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